Why Focus on Plant-Based Foods

The less processed foods we eat, the less chance of diseases and the less our foods undergo cooking, peeling, mixing with other ingredients, stripping of their nutrients, or otherwise altered from the way they came out of the ground—the better.

Plant-Based Diet

It only comes down that plants have less fat, more fiber, and more cancer-fighting nutrients. These three elements work together to support your immune system and help your body fight off cancer.

Just as important, we should try to minimize or reduce the amount of processed foods we  eat everyday. Eat an apple instead of drinking a glass of apple juice, or enjoy a bowl of oatmeal with raisins instead of an oatmeal raisin cookie.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting simple tips for getting more plant-based foods in your diet.



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Does Breast Cancer Begin with Unhealthy Eating Practices?

You cannot change the fact that being a woman is the main risk for breast cancer. While men also get the disease, it is about 100 times more common in women than in men.

Many studies have looked for a link between what women eat and breast cancer risk. Some studies seemed to show that diet may play a role, while others claim it’s the everyday use of radiation from using microwave. But so far, there are no clear answers. Studies have looked at the amount of fat in the diet, intake of fruits and vegetables, and intake of meat.

This is not to say that there is no point in eating a healthy diet. A diet low in fat, low in red meat and processed meat, and high in fruits and vegetables is still the positive way to beat cancer. On the other hand, many studies of women in the United States have not found breast cancer risk to be linked to how much fat they ate. Researchers are still not sure how to explain this difference.

What you eat—and don’t eat—has a powerful effect on your health, including your risk of cancer. Without knowing it, you may be eating many foods that fuel cancer, while neglecting the powerful foods and nutrients that can protect you. If you change your diet and behaviors, you can minimize your risk of disease and possibly even stop cancer in its tracks.

Source: Help Guide

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Creative Cooking – How to Use Milk in a Recipe

Milk is delicious, healthy for the body, wonderful to baked goods and fabulous for some dishes. Even great chefs include milk as one of the secrets of good and tastier food. I came across these simple ways make milk part of every day cooking.

For every 1 cup (250 mL) of milk, simply whisk 1 tbsp (15 mL) all-purpose flour or 2 tsp (10 mL) cornstarch into the milk before adding to the pan and cook, stirring, until the sauce is thickened.

Milk makes your soup creamier while your sauces smoother. Adding milk to your casseroles adds more moist making it tastier. You can even substitute water in your dessert ingredients with milk resulting to a more delicious and nutritious treat.

Left over evaporated milk can be mixed equally with water. For each 1 cup (250 mL) required, measure 1 tbsp (15 mL) lemon juice or vinegar into a glass measuring cup and fill with fresh milk to the 1 cup (250 mL) level; let stand for 5 minutes then stir and use in your recipe.

And since evaporated milk is thicker and creamier than milk, it’s a perfect lower-fat substitute for cream in most recipes. 🙂


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The People Who Live the Longest in the World

Studies show that Japanese live the longest in the world and this has a lot to do with their food and lifestyle. According to Natural Elixir, “The Japanese diet includes foods with very low cholesterol content and is practically free from the saturated (“bad”) fats abundantly present in red meat, dairy produce and butter. Instead, the Japanese diet abounds in seafood: fish, rich in polyunsaturated (“good”) fats (in particular, eicosopentaenoic acid, EPA), and the seaweeds Kombu (from warm waters) and Nori (from cold waters). ”

In general, Japanese are considered the healthiest eaters. Some of us may claim it’s the Italians, being so fond of eating raw greens, or the Mexicans in their rich in beans, tomatoes, and vegetables diet, Japanese are still known to have extremely low levels of cholesterol in their blood. If you start to wonder what kinds of food they really eat, here is to give you an idea:

  • Tofu is almost “always” part of a Japanese meal. It is a curd made from soya beans which is cholesterol free, definitely low in calories but very high in protein.

Soba Noodles

  • Soba Noodles almost everyday. Nutritionally this is buckwheat that provides vitamins B1 and B2, several minerals, and almost double the nutrition you get from proteins found in rice. It also contains the nutrient Rutin, a kind of bioflavonoid that includes the catechins of green tea and the polyphenols of red wine. These nutrients are not commonly found in other grains or beans, but is present in buckwheat.
  • Shellfish. Because of seafood, Japan and other parts of Asia suffer far less of certain cancers and diseases. Also, fishes are low in fat food and the only fats contained on fishes and fish oils are high in Omega-3 fatty acids.
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Romertopf Clay Cooking for Today’s Taste

When it comes to healthy cooking, clay pot is still the original. Regardless of the recipe, you can be assured that cooking your food in a clay pot renders top quality taste of no added fat dishes.

In these new times, where people begin to dare on new tastes for the family meals, it already allows you to enhance your own recipes with all kinds of ingredients, spices like butter, beer or wines to the rarest mushroom to suit your tastes. The use of modern clay pots has began to be popular among home cooks. With Romertopf cooking, get the same benefits by not only saving nutrients in the food but also saves a lot of your time. What is good about Romertop is its line of specifically-designed bakers to help you make your concept of cooking easier and more convenient.

If you are already experienced with clay bakers then you probably know exactly what you need and want. Romertopf Clay pot cooking is ideal for dieters or those with health concerns. Of course you can enhance your own recipes with all kinds of ingredients, spices like butter, beer or wines to suit your tastes. Romertopf cooking not only saves nutrients in the food but also saves a lot of your time.

These earthenware pots have a typically unglazed finish. The porosity of the dried clay, allows hot air and moisture to combine within the pot and thoroughly cook the food in a similar fashion to that of steam cooking. This process allows the food to absorb and cook in its own juices, ensuring a nutritious, healthy and very tasty meal.

Taking the basic simple starting techniques of using a clay baker would take you to your next delicious and healthy recipe. Just soak the Romertopf in water for 5-10 minutes, place ingredients inside and place the whole pot in a cold oven set at 400-450 degrees. You can leave the baker to do it’s job so you can also do anything you like doing.


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One Drink of Wine Everyday Saves You from Ovarian Cancer

According to a British study, those who drank roughly a glass of wine a day reduced by 11% their risk of infection by Helicobacter pylori bacteria, a major cause of gastritis, ulcers, and stomach cancers. A Spanish study also says, as little as half a glass may also guard against food poisoning caused by germs like salmonella when people are exposed to contaminated food.

When Australian and the University of Hawaii researchers recently compared women with ovarian cancer to cancer-free women, they found that roughly one glass of wine a day seemed to reduce the risk of the disease by as much as 50 percent. Experts suspect this may be due to antioxidants or phytoestrogens, which have high anticancer properties and are prevalent in wine. Red wine compound helped kill ovarian cancer cells in a test tube, according to a recent study conducted at the University of Michigan.

“Alcohol can stimulate the appetite so it is better to drink it with food. When alcohol is mixed with food, it can slow the stomach’s emptying time and potentially decrease the amount of food consumed at the meal,” asserts Agatston. His alcohol of choice is red wine due to the antioxidant resveratrol. However, he agrees that any alcohol in limited quantity will provide the same health benefit.

So if someone will ask you now if wine is good for you, tell them this – “When drank in moderation, a glass or two a day can help my heart, prevent cancer and more…”  You don’t only spark an interest in them about wine, but have given them an idea to start incorporating wine in their lifestyle, as well.

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Why You Can’t Cook as Good as Your Mother In Law

If the man you married still holds that special taste of his mother’s cooking in his heart, I think, even if you’re a chef, he’ll continue to wish it could be his mom cooking for him.

All children think their mothers are good cooks. Remember that he grew up with the taste of mom’s food! She made the best sandwiches and macaroni, brownies and chocolate cakes, and since all children are born sweet tooth, your husband were among those boys who became so fond of mom’s chocolates – a thing he will forever cherish in his heart.

There is something about mothers and sons so you simply will never measure up in his mind to that paragon who fixed his lunch every day. We women usually have very ambivalent feelings about our mothers. So it is hard for us to understand that mother/son thing. If you’ve seen that his mother’s baloney sandwiches were on the dry side, grab the opportunity! Make something better and impress your husband, but never tell him it’s better than her mother’s.

Don’t try to change his likes, you will never win. Play your cards by making him something different. If his mother makes stuffing out of Pepperidge Farm Croutons on their Thanksgiving turkey, don’t try to offer another recipe, make them a Thanksgiving dessert. If you’re sharing dinner with his mom, give all the credit to her mom.

Give all the credit to her mom

Even though she and your father in law had/have lots of time on their hands, discretionary income, and a car with only ten thousand miles on it. So when you want to go out for a lovely candlelight dinner, he continues to see her in his mind’s eye, happily making pot roast and glazing carrots. Saving money. And then he turns to you and says, “I don’t understand why we can’t just eat here. Why don’t you change out of your work clothes and just whip up something while I have a beer?” :=)

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