Hot Chili for Your Dish on Valentine’s Day

Eating, is an activity that puts energy to the mind and body. So this only confirms that what you feed your mouth also feeds your mind.

Chili jalapeno peppers have long been used in spicy meals. Indian, Creole and Cajun cuisine rely heavily on jalapenos for chili sauce. The smaller they are, the hotter they get! The simple fact that peppers are so potent makes us wonder if they are really for humans. They make a great ingredient, but in my opinion, they shouldn’t be eaten on a regular basis… except on Valentine’s Day!

A Lover's Salad

Chili food, literally, is an invigorating spice with an exotic reputation and can stimulate endorphins, which in turn, can really turn you on, and since there are yet no scientific claims that prove this as true, people still believe in Aphrodisiacs.

On Valentine’s Day, let spicy foods get your blood flowing and naturally turn up the heat in your body.


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Getting those years of all work is more than inspiring to sit and express everything worth reading for all ages. But you'll see me more often write about health, cooking and the environment. Drop me a line if you have anything you'd like to talk. I'd be more than happy to hear from you. Carolyn
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