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The Most Fortunate People

Young people are the most fortunate individuals on earth. Human as we are, we tend to focus on individual achievements. We look at work, ways, hobbies, lifestyles and events that end up being most important in our lives. However, with the unexpected illness of … Continue reading

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Moving On in A Down Economy

We can’t deny how the tight economic times have brought more stress, anxiety and fear to all of us.  Good for those who are positively determined to move on no matter what, but not much for some whose lowered morale has created a negative … Continue reading

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Helping Survive Global Warming

In a TIME Special, it has mentioned 51 things we can do to slow global warming. Can we really help? Actually, yes. Along with nature’s experts, businesses and governments, we as living individuals can create paths to cut carbon emissions. … Continue reading

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Extravagant or Ordinary Living

An extravagant life. Maybe it needs a while to flesh out exactly what extravagant means as the first thing that normally comes to people’s mind is money, money and money. We can be extravagant in many ways. We can live in … Continue reading

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